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1.3 Acres



To find a spacious property with open areas is more difficult at the current market than ever, Most of the projects as nonprofits Org or a factory that visited our city are demanding specific conditions and layout for their needs. This property has all the necessary points to be checked.
With 1.3 acres the possibilities are open and infinitives, Location of 8 minutes from the center, city area, facilities in place such as:
(6)-Apartments with independent baths and living rooms.
(2)-Storage rooms ready to be improved and develop more space need it.
(1)-Palapa for retreat or meeting as well.
Open space ideal for recreating activities like: sports, Bbq, retreats…your imagination is the limit.
Tropical feeling. Coconuts and mature tress giving character and good vibe.
So round it by perimetral walls, keeping secure and comfort for your guests.
Main house with two beds and one baths plus a swimming pool. Fully equipped.
Parking space.

1-The zoning where this property is located allow you to consider to develop Housing for low incomes homes where the market is pretty strong and back up by the Government programs.

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