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Nicaragua Real Estate 963. Sultana – Granada

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This is an exciting, exclusive development available only through Casa Granada Properties.

Santa Fe is located just minutes from the City of Granada at kilometer 48 heading south from the city. It is a convenient location and a cooler climate with spectacular views of Mombacho Volcano. This is a unique opportunity to purchase a brand new home with quality construction at a great price.

Lots start at $30,000 and there are four house models to choose from –

  1. Mombacho $77,500One bedroom, one bathroom, 807 square feet
  2. Gran Mombacho $92,500Two stories, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, 1076 square feet
  3. Sultana$109 ,500Two stories, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, 1237 square feet
  4. Gran Sultana $119,500Two stories, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, 1452 square feet

Building of the first two model homes, Sultana and Gran Sultana, has begun with an expected completion date in September. Santa Fe will offer standard amenities like water and electricity, as well as additional items including a perimeter wall and full-time security. Customers will also have the opportunity to add upgrades such as a swimming pool or a terrace, and more.

For more information we invite you to visit the Santa Fe website at or contact us for more details.