HMLD -1671. Quinta For Sale in Rivas Nicaragua

For Sale


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56 Mnz



Price: US $4,000 per Manzana

A farm for cultivating plantains, precious woods, and other similar products.

Over the 90 acres of farm land ready to explode because of it´s efficiency and planting processes over the years. This open land is dedicated to be used as a plantain farm, cattle farm and also potentially as a land for other tourism activities as well.

Near the Ochomogo River, the farm is blessed with a large quantity of natural running spring water, which is a rare quality to have in Nicaragua and a huge advantage to have on a large scale farming operation. There are all kinds of possibilities you can get from this great farm.

Another important assets of this farm land are that it comes with already planted teak wood, which is highly prized and lucrative for it´s many applications around the world. In the next 10 years you have the possibilities to generate another type of enterprises on top of what already exists.

There is a ranch home already functioning amidst pretty flat and rolling hills. Full time accessible roads makes this farm an ideal place to work with.

Driving from Managua, Granada will represent an hour and half only, located nearby the Panamerican high way, getting close to Ochomogo River. This area is known for it´s high quality plantains due to the unique blend of volcanic soil and fresh mineral water.

Call  us to set up an appointment 24 hours ahead of time…

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