HM. 1670. Quinta Chilamate – Granada

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3900 Sq Mts



Driving around Granada city, it is easy to find every kind of country home where you could relocated yourself, surrounded by the green trees and fruit plantations, highly elevated land with one of the most eco friendly environments in Nicaragua.

The Laguna de Apoyo area is one of those locations, and finding a country property is another amazing experience you can have. Imagine living and visiting freely as you chose, here in the land of lakes and volcanoes.

We present to you this country home; with a large open space where you can park at least 10 cars, it´s lot size of 3,900 mts2, this house feels super inviting and can comfortably fit a large family.

Your family and friends will be pleased to enjoy such space for parties, birthdays and holidays as well, plus if you are planning a bbq party, this is it. Fruit trees such as: Mangos, Platano, Jocote, Coco, mamon and others to pluck and eat at your leisure.

Eco friendly and green.


The house is:

  • Bedrooms: 4
  • Bathrooms: 5
  • Kitchen
  • Dining room.
  • Parking space.
  • Laundry room.
  • Lot size: 3,900 mts2
  • Home size: 570 mts2/6,100sqft

One extra item to remark. The house property comes with its own working well. Drinkable water.


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