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Casa Sequeira, an historical mansion that is located in a prime location, the main street and the first street ever in town, Calle Atravezada. This wonderful house has a aged and antique feel with infinite character, upon entering the house you will delight admiring the untouched and untampered with colonial architecture, wood ceilings, chandeliers and large corridors, classic gardens, typical with these remaining testaments to an earlier time.
The house offers 6 spacious bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 3 storage rooms, 1 kitchen, private dining room and living room. Also you can enjoy and relax a moment upstairs on the terrace and the huge balcony with a view to many churches, historical houses and Mombacho Volcano.
This is an unique opportunity to invest in an property in an amazing location, if you are looking for a centric area, all amenities included, or starting a luxury hotel.

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