890. Casa Linda – Granada

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Only one block from Calle Calzada and 3 1/2 blocks from Central Park sits beautiful “Casa Linda”. With its close proximity to the lake, Casa Linda is known for some of the most refreshing breezes in the city. Although you rarely need it, both of upstairs bedrooms have A/C.

Casa Linda was given an exstensive remodel in 2012. The entire roof was removed and the ceilings replaced with tonge and grove cedar and insulated to keep the hot air out abd the cool air inside. Each bedroom is equiped with its own bathroom. On the main floor you will find a newly remodeled kitchen with all new cedar cabinets and a brand new refrigerator.

With two seperate sitting areas there is ample room to entertain guests. There is also a large dining room area with seating for 6-8. In the back of the property sits a beautiful outdoor space with two small gardens and plenty of room to add a pool. There is also a lovely 2nd floor balcony with amazing views of Mombacho Volcano. A laundry area sits just behind the 1/2 bath on the main floor and is equiped with a modern washing machine.

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