884. Proyecto de Desarrollo – Carazo

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8 1/2 acres



This farm is located 3 minutes from San Marcos, just 200 meters from the main road giving you fast access. The climate and tranquility offers a preferential environment.
Development Project is a property of 8.5 acres of forest and fruit trees. A former coffee plantation that still has the best coffee, the climate is cool and comfort. The altitude is 600 meters above sea level this are has the spring that we all want to have.
Your house quinta will be located in one of the best getaways !!! With the most competitive market price, this place is just 3 minutes from one of the most significant cities (San Marcos): With an international prestigious university, the quaintness of the population and closeness to our capital with the best access roads completely renovated, makes this site a strategic location.
Visiting the beaches of the pacific is no longer a long and tiring journey. The Project Development with its important location is 60 minutes from the Pacific of Nicaragua. The Quinta is an investment for the future. The climate of the coffee zone and the tropical warmth of the beaches of the Pacific.
All in one spot!
Investors are considering small mini farms aproximately acre and a half with a quinta house 2,500 sqft in building construction, three bedrooms and two and half baths; Evoking an almost country style with colonial flavor.
Nicaragua still offers a price per square foot favorable to foreign costs for labor. The current market is in constant search of the site and budget that suits the global economic reality and this while enjoying the quality and comfort necessary.
Investors! We invite you to explore what is a business opportunity in a new climate of opportunities, our country is in its best period of growth. Granada was the first city founded in the Americas, with new roads, urban projects, international airports in process, property near the beaches and the big international advertising make our country a new investment destination

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