850. Lote Rancho Monterrey – Lake Apoyo

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6500 sqft



Catarina Masaya Real Estate

**We receive inquiries by whatsapp to our phone number +50576820075 **

Tourism in Nicaragua has grown increasingly over the years, Colonial Cities , beaches, islands , lakes , volcanoes comprising and many landscapes with history and great cultural value.

This property is located in Catarina , a place where is very common in every home colorful handcrafts. Besides there is a viewpoint  Toward Laguna de Apoyo, every year miles local and Foreign Tourists visit this charming place. The land is part of the enviroment of Apoyo Lagoon, with good views,  surrounded by trees and fresh air.

Potable water and electricity is available in the zone, and all the commodities you wish in it. This is a good place to build cottages, spend your vacations, and forget about the noise of the city.

We also recieve inquires by whatsapp to our phone number +50576820075

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