822. Casa Cardon – Carazo

For Sale


  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaragua2nd Driveway ocean view
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaBBQ Area
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaBeach Gate
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaBird Cage
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaBR #3
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaBR#3
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaCardon outside sign
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaCardon View from the Ocean
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaCaretaker building & Garage
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaDeck seating area
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaDinning Room
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaDriveway #2
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaFront View of house
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaGarage
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaGas stove
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaGhouse inside
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaGHouse Kitchen
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaHall Bathroom
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaHall
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaInside Living Space
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaKitchen 1
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaKitchen 2
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaKitchen 3
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaKitchen 6
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaKitchen area
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaKitchen Island
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaKitchen view from Liv area
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaKitchen view
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaLa Boquita View
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaLiving area
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaLot 2 ocean view
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaLot view
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaMassage Table
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaMB Bathroom (2)
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaMB Bathroom
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaMB Baywindow view
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaMB Bed
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaMB closet His
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaMB Stand 2
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaMbedroom window treatment
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaMBwindow view
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaOutside deck
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaOutside Kitchen Dining area
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaOutside Living areas
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaOutside living space
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaPalm Tree Ocean View
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaParrots
  • lakefront-oceanfront-forsale-carazo-nicaraguaShade area on the beach

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1800 Sq mts



This property is being sold in two parts the first lot with the main house is 200k and the lot next to it is being offered with the house, guesthouse, caretaker house and two car garage with its own gated entrace for 199k. The guest house features one bedroom, one bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen. There is enough space on the second lot to park 10 cars and the main lot at least 5.
This luxurious home at La Boquita Beach property sits cliffside overlooking the Pacific Ocean with beautiful and expansive views. It is perhaps the largest and highest lot in all of La Boquita. As a matter of fact, its position is unique as it is sits further outward providing magnificent views unique to this specific home.
The main house consists of three bedrooms and four full bathrooms and open concept living with a combined modern kitchen, living and dining areas, views of the ocean and the tropical grounds can be seen at every point. Adjacent to the house is an outdoor living room and kitchen, perfect for entertaining and enjoying the ocean breezes, ample parking on property, the house is handicapped accessible, it has been decorated in fine detail including marble countertops, rare Nicaraguan hardwoods (of mahogany and cedro negro), and exemplary high standard finishes. It is completely designed to US luxury stardards. The entire home has double pained windows with multiple settings letting in different amount of sunlight. There is a mister that creates a mist around the property and lowers the temperature 10-15 degrees. So yes, you can literally change the weather around your house. The outside patio has a grand shade that lowers and allows for different amount of light to pass through and was designed with the capability of doubling as a film projector so you can watch movies on a huge screen. Another unique design of this home is the attic, which was built with an air conditioner and a fan that shoots the cool air though-out the home.
It is lined on with an electrical fence above the high, thick, double-concrete walls. For an added measure of security there are three sets of motion sensors behind it´s outer walls that detect anyone coming in if they somehow make it over the 30 feet of concrete and electrical fence on top. Not to mention the entire property is equipped with cameras and motion sensors inside and out.
There is about a 100 foot walk down to the beach along a fortress of extremely thick concrete reinenforced by two sets of extra thick rebar. The amount of concrete used on the walk down to the beach alone is enough to building 5 standard size Nicaraguan homes. There is a large Nica pool once you get down to the beach that fills when the tide comes in. Across from this on the property is an outdoor roofed-in seating and viewing house that is the only one in La Boquita. It allows you to be on the beach while sitting in an open house in the shade.

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