795. Proyecto Playa Hermosa – Leon

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100 Acres



Investors still searching for the next project where they could offer a solid package and good product. Land and beach front properties are still the biggest market points, ideal if you can offer such a good price or a deal but first you need to find the right price and the right property.

Playa Hermosa is 75km north east from Managua. The new roads and the easy way to access to these beach side of Nicaragua will let you know that we have a lot of new opportunities to offer. The landscaping, the tropical and the environment will take you to whole different world. No less important, the oceanside which still untouched in the majority of our ocean sides will impress you even more. The warm and welcome people of Nicaragua is also another plus that the investors can count on…

The size of the farm (100 acres) and the elevation will help you to develop the right spots for your future customers. Ocean view and ocean front lots will be possible using and maximizing the layout and the topography of the current elevations. Water and power is not a complicated work, nearby you  can find the lines and the way to connect your services. Dig a well is not that expensive than probably will be in other countries. You can find Nicaragua still under the average lower prices. Perfect if you try to reach a market that is looking for good deals.

Clear Title and negotiable price will make this opportunity an interesting property to see and explore.

Call us to make an special trip to visit this amazing land of Nicaragua.

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