659. Finca Yuri – Leon

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477 acres



Nicaragua sure is moving forward, the land of many opportunities could be now. The new projects are putting our country on the map: The big canal, connecting the Pacific and the Atlantic.
Investors are looking to see why Nicaragua is getting into the news as the place to be visited.

We can not say anymore that our land is just for tourists or vacations homes, Yes! Granada is beautiful but more buyers are in different type of investments, the meat industry is one of them. They also need a big extention of land.

Over 400 acres of good soil, excellent location, good and brand new roads, other companies nearby, close to the ocean, 7 km only. 45 minutes away from Managua, the main Capital. Makes this farm to be an interesting investment.

Two working wells.

Flat land and rolling hills, ideal for raising cattle.

Water all the time, near by a long and extend river – Apompua River.

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