616. Casa Jardinera – Granada

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4294 Sq Ft



The City of Granada is expanding the options, more new buyers are looking to live close to the downtown but not too close. Colonial homes are always the ideal home but now we have new offers that can change your mind and see more alternatives. This property is a good example. In the city of Granada, close to the Old Hospital and located on the main avenue Arellano will make easy for your to drive around or walk. Not too far from the supermarkets.

The size of the house is about 400 sqmts or 4,300 sqft. The lot size is 2000 sq mts or half acre and outstanding landscaping to bring peaceful and tranquil stay, enough space to enjoy your visit. Safe location, quiet, excellent breeze coming from the lake, the elevation will always keep this house fresh and cool. This house has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, living rooms, two dinning room, kitchen, laundry room, garage for three cars and big tropical garden.

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