318. Isleta Comejen and Comejenito – Granada

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23 acres



As a result of a violent avalanche of rocks from Mombacho Volcano, 365 islets were formed near Granada. Of course, this was 20,000 years ago. The islets differ in size between a hundred square meters and over one hundred hectares. The wild nature, resident birds and visitors and the day-to-day routine of the local families make it an ideal place for a boat ride or kayaking around the lake.
Isleta Comejen is one of the biggest islets available in Lake Cocibolca. Most of this island is covered today with unusual vegetation and is home to important species of birds. As a part of this amazing place there is another islet call “El Comejenito” which is a little island beside of “El Comejen”.

Both of this properties are being offered at one price and it is an excellent opportunity to invest in tourism; the main activity which promotes the economy in Nicaragua. The many species of protected wood trees and huge old trees are the principal elements that make the isletas such a special area. “El Comejen” measures 23 acres and “El Comejenito” 102,017 sqft


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