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Nicaragua Real Estate 1403. Brisas del Lago ~ Condos On the Lake – Granada

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Located in the beautiful colonial city of Granada on lake Nicaragua, Brisas del Lago is the only private lake front condominium project in the oldest city in the Americas founded in 1524.

With in Granada  being one of the prime real estate markets in Nicaragua for any length of time.

Green Area. The community will feature a clubhouse, open-air pool and rancho located in the green area. The beach and lake will have access by an underground tunnel from this area. A wall will encompass the entire community with security and a gate at the entrance.

Condos will have 1,295 sq. ft. and end units 1,398 sq, ft

2 bedrooms.

2 baths.

Kitchen-Dining-Living room




Air condition




TV cable and Internet system

It will have a large terrace-balcony, with each condo having a view of miles across the worlds fifth largest fresh water lake.