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A window of opportunity just came to the market today, It is located at the heart of the most visited town near the ocean in Nicaragua. San juan del Sur. This boutique little  town, belong to El departamento de Rivas city. From our main capital of Managua you  have to drive like 2 hours away only, perfect roads all the way.

If you are coming from the south (Costa Rica), it is an easy access as well. No much work to do, just take your bus or a plane and you got to San Juan del Sur in a bit.

The excitement of been in an ocean front city like San juan del Sur, It will not make any problem to attract new clients and keeping loyalty to your frecuante visitors. We present to you a unique property that will combine all in one place.

A home.

A buissines

A place to interact with the local Nicaraguans.

These four units represent a mosaic colors of our Nicaragua elements plus to  inmerse into the culture is already a full experience, This is not only the commercial aspect of the property that gives  the charme of a beach community is also the genuine and real way of living in this amazing and cute little town of San Juan del Sur.

The perfect and ideal location, a profitable going concern with Airbnb, 5 start rating reviews, 4 top end rental villas with each house with own pool also bed and breakfast Ocean view, easy maintainable property wich honest reliable staff top.

Beautiful top notch design. Each house having own internet, water tank back up and connected up to a generator sockets, Own water well for entire property.

All necessary facilities in place to make your stay pleasant as can be with the best quaility personell with a warm and frendly welcome all the time.

You can select in our fourt units with its own and unique concept:

Casa Colibri

Casa Lakshmi

Casa Vishnu

Ocean view studio. Simply, out standing!

We can not describe  them, you have to be here and find it by yourself how is  each of them.

Big smile, good vibe.

Try the tropical dream near the ocean…

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