1753. Isla Pura – Chontales

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7 Manzana



This is not your normal island property. It is on the other side of the expansive Lake Cochibolca, in an area called Juigalpa. If Granada is living in the 90´s then this island would be living in the 70´s. It is going back even further in time, just like it was before Nicaragua was discovered.
It is a long stretch of beachfront and rainforest on a massive island right off the shores on the other side of the lake with a direct view of the sunset through the peaks of the volcanic island of Ometepe. Truly a unique property, and you wont find another like it with other realtors here in Granada.
This long stretch of beach front and pure natural jungle is home to an untouched ecosystem of flaura and fuana.. It is a half day journey from Granada, and it is perfect for a real off the grid fishing lodge, luxury eco hotel, or anything in between. The price is more than reasonable for a piece of land that size, and has great access to parts of the country that people are only now discovering.
The other side of the great lake… adventure is waiting for the right buyer.

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