1746. Casa Millan – Granada

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Colonial Home located just few steps away from the central park and most active area of our Colonial City.

More and more visitors are considering invest and live full time in our Tropical Country.

This particular Colonial and brand new home was just recently build fallowing all the features that makes this an investment to keep in mind. Incorporating all the moderns features that will provide to your clients the necessary tranquility experience possible: Water heater, Internet and cable plus the peaceful inside garden into your master bath and master room.

Beautiful design, using local materials and antiques pieces of wood, over 100 years old, Quality guaranty, The whole roof itself can be considered a piece of art plus all those elements that recreate the most important aspect of the City, History and comfort.

Conveniences and practicality work in this property which can be used as a second home for vacation or for rental. The current demand is looking for a property that can be easy maintained and rented. This local market is growing every year where your property must to meet the right criteria and quality. Casa Milan  was built with those directions.

20 ft tall and high ceiling creates that sense of grand and dimension, keeping the whole area cool and fresh, a cross ventilations system developed by an unique arquitecture work converting this beautiful home into a well thought creation.




Living and Kitchen area.

Deeping pool.

A/C in each room.

Indoor and out door gardens.

1,400 sqft

Brand new constructions!


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