1647. Hotel El Remanso – Rivas

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Ocean view and beach access hotel, This is an excellent chance for those who are looking to establish a B/B hotel, if you love surfing and are thinking about opening a camp this is also another window of opportunity. The current building is designed for a 14 units Beach access Hotel  and is currently not open yet, but they are generating income from individual rental studios apartments.

This Hotel facility is located in a private gated community called Remanso beach, known as one of the most visited beach area, ideal for surfers or simply to enjoy your vacations.

Walking to the ocean side, your experience will be complete when you can really feel the full and complete experience on your tropical country side.

Water and power already in place, this one level building will need to be updated but for sure the opportunity is there.

Another plus to consider is the location, just 20 minutes away from the main town of San Juan del Sur.  That for sure increases the value market for your future investment.


14 apartments-Master units style.

Individual bathrooms per apartment.

Access to the ocean side.

Front porch per unit.

Land escaping.

Ocean view from each unit.

Water tank back up system.

Clear Title.

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