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200 Sq Mts


Near Managua, driving another 45 minutes away south from it, where the clouds seems to be so close and the weather is different like cold, really cold. Let’s say around 84 f` which for a tropical weather like Nicaragua is gold. Diriamba city is located south from the main Capital.

Camino Verde, thought for families and expats as well that love to experience a more simple and comfort life.

We offer you three models with the quality on style and functional designs as well, each units is dedicated to offer you a place where you don’t have to invest too much energy on maintain or spend too much space for not reason.

You can select from three models.

Sizes from: 800 sqft up to 1,300

Bedrooms: two or three

Bathrooms: two or three as well. Depend on the model you select.

Living room and open kitchen.

Open terrace.

Back yard and Laundry space.

110v and 220v.

Lot size: 2,300 sqft

Privacy 24/7

HOA $48 per month.

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