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Nicaragua Real Estate 1597. Casa Papa Q – Granada

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Referring to the colonial houses that our beautiful and charming city has, we have Casa Papa Q in which he bows his corner position taken possession of the street and properties around him.
This property has great investment potential whether for luxury restaurant, modern sports bar, boutique hotel, apartments etc. It has approximately 800 square meters in its totality, in turn has the following characteristics:
First floor:
1 bedroom, 4 bathrooms, main living room, large living room, kitchen with view to the central garden, garage for two cars, central garden, backyard, private water tank, laundry area, wine cellar and spacious corridors.
Second floor:
2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, small corridor that invites you to the freshness that comes from the freshness of the trees.
It is in very good condition ready to give you your personal touch and remodel to your liking making this place a Home or luxury business.