1589. Lomas De Monte Verde – Managua



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394 Sq Mts



Casa Monte Verde.

Two stories home, with a classic style, land scaping parking space for three cars, bbq area, nicely layout with a large entrance with a tropical feeling, fountain that remark that classic concept, the house presents itself with a calm and warm welcome, right you step in to the living area you can meet a small living space for entertain your friends or a casual visits.

At the first floor is where all the social space is layout, kitchen, laundry and service room put together, dining room with a 6 seats dining table, then right after that you can walk up to your left hand and you can reach a half bath, then walking a little more further you will notice a small space for an office or a bookcase, then  two more bedrooms will be seen.

Second floor, where you can see the master room, good light and good breeze, big windows great view from the mountains, this big room also comes with a Jacuzzi and a walking closet, super big…

The fourth bedrooms, good size space with a direct access to the balcony, bathroom included.


  1. Water tank back up.
  2. Parking space for three cars.
  3. Private residential development.
  4. Close to the main high way Masaya.
  5. Good elevations, cool and fresh climate.

Two stories with four good size rooms

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