1576. Xalteva Diamond – Granada

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2223 Sq Mts



Xalteva Diamond Corner building.
Colonial Building is at the heart of the historical district of Granada, Nicaragua. It Is near Xalteva Church and Parque Xalteva, probably one of the most antique areas of the city. Close to the main avenue Xalteva street which it will connect to you to the main Plaza Los Leones.
This exuberant Corner building with over 2,000 mts2 of surface will allow you to develop The bests ideas for new constructions: Apartments, Hotel, Outdoors and Indoors spaces for Tropical Gardens, swimming pools areas, offices rooms and more.
History is for sure one of the biggest sale points for your future marketing plan, since 1800s this building has been dominating and mastering the whole scenario, well! It is the time to re discovery it, the property has the classic layout of a Colonial Master Piece full size Colonial home. Neoclassic style plus Colonial arqutiecture. Walking into this great historical building you can tell how it is to go back in time…
The park is also another important feature to remark which according to the records such place was fully finished in 1892. Since them you can see how the time got still in here, The Xalteva name came from the local Indigenes tribes. Many wars took place in this park, so many tales to count.
Going back to the main building, the style of the whole structure is a combination of different elements where you could understand how all the transitions took place, Adobe walls, Colonial influences and Neo classic are the strongest features.
Main central garden.
Back yard, big and open size.
Big corner plot, ideal located for future business spaces and sophisticated Designs.
Water and power lines in place.
This beautiful old arquitecture will help any of your designers to fulfill your expectations, Building permit for 24 bedrooms, swimming pools, two stories building.

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