1561. Casa Susana – Granada

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424 Sq Mts



Casa Susana is a property in which you will have the experience of living in a warm and fresh atmosphere since the roof of the house is made with the same design of the beautiful Colonial Houses of the Gran Sultana Granada Tile, red, precious wood and the corridor which takes you to the beautiful courtyard that makes your imagination design the space with which you would like to give your essence and special touch to make this an Eden of flowers and colors.
This property, besides having the air of a familiar home, has 149.764 square meters of construction and offers you the comfort of a harmonious and friendly lifestyle since your neighborhood is surrounded by friendly and hospitable people willing to help you no matter the day or time.
The characteristics of this property are as follows:
2 Bedrooms
2.5 Bathrooms
Beautiful living room
Large backyard
Casa Susana perfect for families and ideal for couples, to live a new lifestyle sharing experiences with our people and knowing more about our culture, history and tradition.


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