1521. Aguas Puras Mombacho – Granada

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Property ID :



4.5 Manzana



Business opportunity, legally established company, dedicated to the sale of purified water in the area of Granada and its surroundings. The company has the infrastructure installed to store and bottle water for human consumption.

The facilities have the necessary equipment to produce:

500 bottles per day 5gl.

30,000 bags per day 500 ml

1,000 per day 600 ml

A staff of 5 workers is needed.

300 foot well

Area 4.5 mz or 7 acres

Facilities already already built:

Main unit: 250 mts2

Storage room: 26 mts2

2 units offices.

Side extra room. 13.54 mts2

Cistern pool #1- 25 mts2

Cistner pool #2-6.27 mts2

Baths 12.33 mts2

Chelter area for the pump: 6.24 mts2


7 km from the main road km road to Nandaime. Km 61

Stack built-in filter with a capacity of 25,000 gl.

In the purification room and cleaning area.

For more details information please contact us directly, the seller is motivated either a direct sale and willing to provide all the financial records and review the potential of this enterprise, also a join adventure if the case is possible.


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