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Nicaragua Real Estate 1465. Offices Development – Managua

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Managua is growing so fast and constant; the city is demanding a high level of quality of costumer services and also this include a much better office spaces and parking lots. Since 1995 the cities all over the country and special our main capital is experimenting new market on real estate, International buyers and local investors can see now how clear is the demanding for more infrastructure that can help those median size or big company to grow.
Supermarkets, Gas stations, offices, storage spaces, new Shopping centers be planned to be built during this year, a very important avenue that connect the hart of Managua with other strategic roads and locations as well, It is a convenience environment for this property. Cost of opportunity making this lot valuable and be considering as an investment opportunity.
Appreciation market.
High value market
and re sale price with high value.
A package ready to go.
We can offer you also a solid investment already designed and approved by the local authorities including all the necessary studies and approvals as well.
Over 36 offices unites, parking lot.
You can contact us and request more details info related to our project that you could continue developing.