1463. Hospedaje Esfinge – Granada

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Beautiful property built more than a century ago by General Terencio Sierra de Honduras, back in 1903, is recognized in Granada as one of the oldest buildings in the city. Made of Taquezal, cement, iron and lime for the structure, and cane and roof tiles.
The property has approximately 1,620 square meters and 53 years of operation as a hotel; Is located in the municipal market and next to a supermarket, which provides great ease of shopping to its guests.
It is the heritage of a family that has been in the hotel business for several years.
It has 19 rooms and 12 bathrooms, a living room, anteroom, kitchen and common area. It has solar panels that provide electricity to one part of the property, and in the other area are supplied from the local electricity service.
It has garage for 8 vehicles, and two sinks with capacity for many years, in addition both are connected to the sewage service of the city. Everything on the property is original, from the real cedar wood doors, the old brick floor, the bathrooms, the stairs, balconies, etc.
In the price includes the beds, sheets, chairs, furniture, in short almost everything that is inside the Hotel.

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