1462. Puesta el Sol – Rivas

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Built with an exquisite quality Puesta El Sol property offers you three bedrooms and three bathroom, garage, swimming pool area, open garden walking around the unit, three stories, every room is well connected making you feel cozy and homey.

Kitchen and living room close to a balcony with an Ocean view and Valley view as well, catching the sunset and the Ocean breeze of the afternoon. Then you can take the stairs going to the first floor where you will enjoy a pretty cool time with your friends around the pool and in transition you will see two slide doors where you can get into a bar and living area as well.

This house was thought for having a good time with family and friends, for business purposes: It is perfect, thinking you may have very important costumers and you don’t know where they should go, You could use this place as a house for your most special guests, Saving you time and energy! Hotels and Hostels will never care for your clients as much as you will do.

There are so many ideas you can apply with this Ocean Condo, private and secure.  Even better this unit comes with a terrace located at the very top of the building, open to the sky, bbq area, party spot, yes! Very cool idea.

From San Juan del Sur town is just 10 minutes away by car, close by you will appreciate the new buildings and development moving forward, this is so important for your future investment, close to San Juan del Sur is a rental guarantee, Expats, tourists and Locals love to visit this town every year, bringing a lot business opportunities.


Water heater system.

Internet and cable

Security system and sensors.

Swimming pool fully equipped.

Water tank back up.

Electrical system back up.

A/C in every room.

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