1452. Peñoncito – Rivas

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120 Acres



Beach front land, private and exclusive beach side, Welcome to one of the most breathe taking landscape that Nicaragua can offer to those lovers of the Natural life. Preserving still the genuine feel of the forest, catching the beauty of the green concept, living and experience the ocean. Penoncito to is beyond of any expectations, you have to be there and see it, walk through the sandy beach and enjoy the fresh salty and warm ocean waves from our Nicaraguan pacific short.
Peace and Harmony with the environment.
Today’s world essentially is to go back to the basic, without letting go the modern and contemporary concept, respecting the planet, actually learning how to integrate ourselves with the Natural life.
120 acres of beach front, more than a mile of beach side, perfect elevation between the main land and the pacific side, providing a magnificent opportunity, bringing a life style to those clients that are connected to earth.
Distance from important tourist destinations such Playa Gusacate, Gigante and other developments as such as Guacalito, From here you only need to drive 60 minutes to the first international airport called Esmeralda.
Near Penoncito is also located a magical place where every year you can have a spiritual experience when the turtles arrive every year. Protected zoning, working together with the locals to preserve a gifts from Earth.
Penoncito is also a platform for many kind of sport activities: Sealing, Diving, Fishing, Surging or just relaxing.
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