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1600 Sq Ft



Walking from Central park you are able to enjoy the enchant of our city, the oldest time when things were a simple walk and the people so round it was part of the picture, you know! Like in the old times. Pretty fun!

Easy walking, let’s say! Three blocks maybe you will find this finest and restore Colonial home, we called it Casa De Galicia, like from Spain city.

Granada, Nicaragua is in other words that sister of Spain Country  in Latin America, Tropical weather, safety location, distance from the international airport 60 minutes away only. The city is a combination of history and a modern at the same time.

Casa de Galicia is a 1,600 sq feet home. Located a block away from San Francisco Convent according to the books of history the first church build here.

Two bedrooms. A/c

Two bathrooms.

Living and kitchen area.

Laundry room.

Water heater system.

Water back up system. In Granada this is one of the most important feature to have, keeping your stay more relax  with not issues.

Deeping pool, by the way! Very fun and very important when you live in a Tropical country.

Well thoughts gardens, inside the living area and your master room. High ceiling, old woods master pieces, it is in other words an beautiful Colonial representation using the locals materials with the right touch, Ventilation and illumination is another big plus, you can never think how the high ceiling and the open garden can provide such a pleasant experience.

Additionally to it which you will not believe, a private room under your master suit, Yes! It is like a basement but including all the details and colonial features plus the comfort of having your own getaway space in your private home.

As an investment it is a great piece to consider, As soon as you open the old and antique doors you almost draw a WAO! In your face, it is hard to expect such a nice and well done Colonial.

Rental market is demanding a type of property like this, Please review our site where you could see how your investment has the property tools to continue making money for you.

This is the window of opportunity for a cash buyer, initially price list: $225,000 new asking price: $165,000




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