1441. Investment Pacific – Managua

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450 Mz


Projects all over the world seem to be every time more complicated to put together special  elements for its success.  Developers have to deal with the locals’ requirements regulations, local authorities and even worth, the time line that never meets the perfect schedule or simply finding the right location with all the market points to make your project appealing.

Nicaragua is now open to an international market where those chances are emerging with a strong market points. Accessibility, logistic, the best business environment possible and of course price per sqmts2.

778 acres, beach farm, 2 km of access to the pacific, facilities in place already: Power lines, water provided by three locals working well of fresh water, roads, 1 hrs distance from the international airport Sandino.

Less than $5 per sqmts of land to be developed, including all the existing infrastructure it is not questions hard to beat. The current owner is moving to his next transition so he decided to let and pass to the next generations of developers to continue his legacy.

Important points:

Clear Title


Power lines in place.

Beach front land 2km

First Amercian Title.

A river passing into the farm.

Ocean side:  Good for swimming, boats or fishing.


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