1437. Lotes Buena Onda – Rivas

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900 Sq Mt


Nicaragua is continuing growing in so many opportunities: Land, housing developments, beach lots or beach front houses. These opportunities are open to either outside investors or locals, Yes! Locals, the confident finally got back to our tropical country. After for so many years of struggles and missed issues the country is building the foundations for the next business face.

This land of opportunities, yes! It sounds like an old cliché but in general speaking.  It is what everyone who is involved on Real Estate is  looking for.  Near by the Pacific side, Clear title, facilities in progress, close by to big developments such: Rancho Santa Ana, Iguana Beach, Guacalito and more…It gives a sense of value and appreciation.

Walking distance from a surfing beach where you can understand right away why it is an outstanding place to be, International destination from all over: Europeans, USA citizen, Canadian and Nicas that are learning the big of surfing. We are known as a friendly society with every friends who visit us from all over. Expats or who ever is considering to stay for longer period of time can see that our country is open arm for those who are exploring such idea.

The lots are well located so you can feel the security to be close to the ocean but not that much, The area is growing, Hotels and Rental units is for sure the strong market point, As an investment to be at the ocean no doubt the lots will gain good value and appreciation.

As a vacation plan, you could build a confortable vacation beach house, under $100,000 and only pay per year no more than $150. Our costs of living is still under the average that convert our country a place to see and consider in your future investment.



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