1400. Finca Aleman – Granada

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Imagine sitting in your pool, on your manzana in the rolling hills of the Pueblas Blancas, on your farm with your goats and other animals siping wine and staring at the wisps of clouds dancing around the tops of the great Volcano Mombacho. Welcome to Finca Aleman,.

Fifteen kilometers from Granada, Finca Aleman, is in a ecological zone were they have been replanting species of fruits, trees and other plants to promote the local flora and fauna. The farm has a very healthy, productive and positive energy. You can find many different types of vibrant, exotic flowers whether its next to a birdbath, or hanging from the enclosure securing the waddle of ducks. There are lemon and mandarin trees, plenty of marango trees, which have a few different medicinal benefits, bamboo, and other varieties of wood. There is plenty of room for guests and there is even a large parking area when relatives or friends come to visit. Another nice addition to the farm is the handmade clay and brick oven for baking pizza or other items. It is evident that the owner of this property has but his personal handcraft, engenuity, and creative ideas into this farm because you are likely to stumble into something unique and innovative around the next large tree or shrubb.

There are 5 different homes on this property all are made by the owner and all have slightly different feels and styles. The homes are essentially made of the adobe with cane roofs two the homes are made from metal, cement and ceramic flooring.. Two of the homes have bathrooms included inside the other three are simply one room living environments. The whole farm is complemented by the centrally located dining, cooking and relaxation area with tables and hammocks and even a solar energy panel on it´s roof. There is an cement outdoor shower shaped like the nautilus shell circling your way center plus to two outdoor bathrooms, one of which allows for a view while doing your business and the other is fully private. Options are always better!

If you are looking for farm abundant with natural comforts, life, animals, plants, and elevated up in the seemingly ongoing hills of Diria this is the right place for you. Get away from the noise and wake up to the sound of buzzing bees and gossiping birds.

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