1398. Casa Thane – Granada

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Two lots for one, Casitas Thane called this way representing what in the old times just to be, Todays demands it is always a plus to build your own style and space.

You are able to recreate a two units and rental homes. For a great Price you can design a home where either two separte units or just one single three bedrooms home with two bathrooms.

A location where your family, Friends or renters will feel safe and fun. Interactive with local Granadinos, Casita Thanes is located in the heart of Granada, not the central park but where you can feel our community, friendly and warm people.

The size of Casitas Thanes will allow you to expand your ideas into a couzy home with functional space.

Items you need to consider to install:

  • A new spetic system.
  • Power lines.
  • Wáter service.
  • New walls.
  • It is a consider a fixer upper property.

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