1310. Casa Urcuyo – Rivas

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This property called the Urcuyos has great urban appeal as it is situated in the heart of Rivas. Suitable for forming a business; or if you want to live in a safe place, with property Urcuyos get this and more, because it’s just three minutes from the national police and other important areas such as the DGI, Financial Local Development Fund (FDL), one of the best hotels in Rivas and just five minutes from the market.

The two story building has a dining room, an area for garage, laundry area, two bedrooms on the ground floor and service service and on the second floor is four bedrooms and office. Also, the property has water and electric service (110/220V), cable and air conditioning.

Rivas is a department of Nicaragua. Its capital is the city of Rivas. Rivas has many natural and historical attractions, visited by foreign and domestic tourists; Rivas has a nice colonial center, hotels, restaurants and an interesting anthropological and historical museum.

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