1079. Casa Chiquilistagua – Managua

For Sale


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5 Mnz



This land for sale includes a sports center, private home, two dorms and vacant land. Total land for sale is about five manzanas in size.  The sports center is completely walled or fenced in. It includes a full sized baseball field with covered seating, covered team dugouts, men and women’s bathrooms with flushing toilets, and a snack shack. There is also large, though not full size soccer (futbol) field, volleyball court, two full size basketball courts – one covered, swings and a slide, computer lab, lending library with over 3,000 books, large ranchon with attached full size kitchen, two flushing toilets, one latrine, 20 feet x 60 feet (six meters x 18 meters) new swimming pool with a deep end of 3.6 meters. The pool holds 50,000 gallons and has two 3 hp variable speed pumps and two large cartridge filters. An 8 foot x 8 foot Jacuzzi flows into the pool.
Separated by a chain link fence there is a home. It’s a three bedroom, three bathroom, tile floor home. It has an attached two car carport, wrap around porch, living room, dining room, kitchen. There is a bodega at one end of the carport. On the same property as our home are two dorms, where the current owner houses teams that come from the states to work. One dorm can sleep 12 and the other 14. Both dorms have two heated showers, one dorm has one toilet, the other, two toilets.
The back property, separated from the sports center and a home by a cyclone fence, is 1.5 manzanas of basically vacant land. There are orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit and mandarin trees. The trees are all about seven years old. There is also a steel 6 meter tall water tower with a black plastic 1,320 gallon water tank and a large drive through carport.

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