1041. Proyecto Santa Martha – Carazo

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2368 Sq Ft



The condominium is complex located in one of the coolest parts of the area a short distance to Granada and Managua. Plus it has the advantage of being only 25 minutes from the beaches of La Boquita making it a ideal strategic location and considered as a reversal point site. The climate and site elevation ensures a comfortable environment and pleasant to live in for retirement or have as a rental investment plan. This project already has climatic advantages that invite our domestic and overseas customers to put it on their list of options.

The units are fully equipped with international standards making each condo and cozy home ready to live in there is a garage, hot water, A-C in every room, as well as adequate distribution of environments certainly provides a very comfortable place to relax. The areas are well designed to receive friends or relatives who will maintain the privacy of the rooms, also each unit has a private garden area incorporating the green concept.
It has two balconies and a exterior view allows you to see all of your environment, an atmosphere of safety and comfort could be the words best describe this property.

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