Why buy from Casa Granada Properties?

We hear this question all of the time. If you have been in Nicaragua any length of time, you know that many people will try to sell you property, even the owners of the property.  Why would you buy property from a licensed realtor in North America or Europe?

You buy from a licensed Realtor because they are trained specialists in the processes of real estate. They must pass examinations and are held to regulations to protect the buyer and the seller. There are no licensed realtors in Nicaragua, so you must be extra careful. Legal contracts are written in Spanish, the rules are different and there are people here trying to take advantage of the inexperienced and the unwary.

As specialists in Nicaragua and the purchasing process, we will ensure you purchase your property in a safe and secure manner at the best possible price. You will have many questions on how to purchase property in a foreign country and we will be with you every step of the way. We know Nicaragua – the good stuff, what to avoid and those unusual things that may confuse you. No money changes hands until we ensure the title is clean.