What does this mean to you?

It means that most properties can be purchased from anyone. Just because the property has a sign on it from one real estate company does not mean you can not purchase it from another realtor. You should be dealing with a realtor for the value of dealing with that real estate office. Unless the property is an exclusive listing which is not the norm.

A famous bank robber was once asked why he robbed banks and he stated “That’s where the money is.”  Expats tend to move to where there are other expats. Nicaragua has colonial cities, ocean front, mountains, islands, farms, valleys and small, tucked away towns. Deciding where to live is a tough decision that will depend more on your sense of adventure and what you are looking for out of life. For expatriates, the two hot spots are the Pacific Coast and Granada. There are actually many expats living in the capital of Managua but these tend to be those that have businesses in Nicaragua, work with the embassies or other international concerns.

Granada is the colonial city of Nicaragua with many restaurants and activities to enjoy. It is 45 minutes from Managua where are located the international airport and the best medical facilities of the country not to mention modern malls and stores. Granada has what many retirees look for in a retirement destination and enough expats to allow community groups from book clubs to volunteer organizations. Yet it retains the small town feel where you can easily open a bed and breakfast or just relax.

On the Pacific Coast San Juan del Sur is a small fishing village that is popular with the expats , tourists and Nicas. There are many developments that are clustered North and South of San Juan del Sur. The views are stunning there and many people want to live near the ocean. Further North on the Pacific Coast there are other developments to check out  and some have enough homes now to have a community. Notable development names include Montecristo, Gran Pacifica, Rancho Santana, Iguana and El Encanto with Iguana and Gran Pacifica already having 9-hole golf courses.

We can’t tell you where to live but most expats choose Granada or the Pacific Coast. Another reason is that the lawyers here are the most familiar with those two areas for doing the required title searches.

Casa Granada Properties specializes in Granada, the surrounding areas and the Pacific Coast but we can assist you with property anywhere in Nicaragua.