What are Casa Granada’s strengths?

We believe we are a reliable group of people you will want to do business with but we do have some particular strengths. Due to the global economic woes, Nicaragua sales were also affected though less so since we are a cash society unlike the credit economies in the states or Europe. Even so, only two major real estate offices remain in Granada and only the strong survive.

Our particular strengths are knowledge of real estate in Granada and the surrounding areas such as Laguna de Apoyo, Lake Nicaragua, Mombacho, Catarina and other areas within 20 miles of Granada. We also have considerable knowledge of the Pacific Coast areas of La Boquita and Huehuete which we believe are undervalued and overlooked.

We will help you purchase or sell property in any area of Nicaragua since our support network is quite large and extensive. But… we understand our limitations and if we feel another office or realtor has greater knowledge or can take better care of you in a particular area we will introduce to them. Only by providing what you need will you come to us on your next sale or purchase.