Steps in Purchasing Property

You are purchasing from Casa Granada Properties because you understand the value of purchasing from an established realtor familiar with the unique laws and procedures for buying property in Nicaragua. We will work with you through every step and ensure you have a clean title to your dream property.

Rightfully so, people are concerned they have a clean title to their property. In any case, there may be title issues that come up during the search through the history of the property ownership. We may find there are some legal procedures that may have to be completed before the title can be conveyed to you. For example, the owner of the property may have passed away requiring a death certificate to be created and the title lawfully conveyed to the rightful heir. This will delay the closing but does not mean there are unusual title issues. This is what lawyers do.

Of a more serious nature is the discovery that there are title issues such as confusion on the identity of the true owners, property ownership by a large group of people, property lines not being clear and other issues that may not be easily or ever resolved. In these cases, we will inform you, advise against buying the property and return your deposit.