Santa Lucia Luxury Colonial Properties

As the high season approaches, more and more building plans, ideas and projects are happening in our ever-growing little piece of paradise of Granada. This month´s newsletter is a focus on a unique development, perfect for those thinking of moving to Granada or interested in real estate investment.

Just steps north of the Convento San Francisco, builders have broken ground on what promises to be an opportunity not to be missed.  This is a new construction project offering ten modern homes built in Granada´s colonial style.  Each home provides a spacious layout with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a swimming pool.  Extras include a back-up water tank, hot water tank, air conditioning units in each bedroom, as well as ceiling fans and a kitchen stove.   The project is being completed with high standards of quality, yet maintaining the comfort, style and amenities that are popular with our clients.

Each home is approximately 135 square meters or 1,450 square feet.  The homes will be priced at $165,000, or currently at pre-construction pricing of $155,000 with 50% down, and completion of the homes in six months.  Various financing options are also available.  Monthly rental income is expected to be between $1,300 to $1,500 per month, a great return for those looking for rental investment income.

We are very excited to present this project to our friends and customers.  It´s a great time for investment in Granada and these homes offer the appeal of what many people are looking for:  central location, quality and style all at a reasonable price – it can´t be beat!  Contact us now for more details.


The Casa Granada Team