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In 2014, Yasmin and David Tzafar, of Israel, relocated to Granada with a dream of owning their own restaurant.  Working with Casa Granada Properties got them right on track to finding the perfect size and spot for their venture.  Casa Granada Properties owner and agent, Carlos Gutierrez, found the best location and negotiated the sale, helping the couple to bring their dream to fruition.  Just steps from the tourist street La Calzada and about one block from Central Park, the Tzafars now own and operate Pita Pita and the adjoining Pizzaiol, very quickly earning the #3 rating of restaurants on TripAdvisor.  Pita Pita and Pizzaiol serve delicious Mediterranean food and pizza and have received praise from many, locals and tourists alike.

“Even with its beautiful and peaceful courtyard with lush vegetation, the Tzafars have found that operating a Nicaraguan restaurant has its own set of complications and expenses. David said that finding the right ingredients is “super complicated,” and lamented that a kilo (2.2. pounds) of garbanzo beans that cost a dollar in Israel costs him $4 a pound in Nicaragua. But his hummus and falafel have won praise.

“I find that most Nicas actually love Israel and Israelis and Jewish people and get emotional when they meet us,” said Tzafar.

While enjoying a snack with her two small children, Yasmin said, “By definition, we’re not religious. I grew up with a lot of culture around the Jewish holidays, Israeli poets and this is an obvious thing to me,” adding that “almost every day Israelis come through.” She has introduced Jewish holiday celebrations and culture at the school her children attend.”

If you are exploring options for work, investment or a second career, remember Casa Granada Properties can help.  We have many businesses for sale on our website and other properties located in the historical center of town where you could easily begin an idea for a restaurant/bar, hotel, B&B, and many other options.  See some of our business listings below!

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(Original article and interview credit courtesy of the Tico Times and Pita Pita)