About the Rainy and Sunny Seasons in Nicaragua

The cool smell of tropical vegetation just after the rain has fallen… that, mixed with fresh, cool air and throw in some scenic natural lighting coming from the skies and you’re in for a real treat.

The flora and fauna in Nicaragua’s forests and jungles is at its most bountiful when the rain starts to fall. Tours, such as those to the Rio San Juan are completely breathtaking during this season.

 The Nicaragua climate is tropical with two seasons. The best time to travel in Nicaragua is the dry season from December to May when there is almost no rain in the western lowlands. Travel to Nicaragua in the green season from June to January is defined by daily afternoon and evening showers, but rarely disturbing travel or your day´s activities.

The temperature of the sea water is between 21⁰C and 27⁰C all year (70’s Fahrenheit) on both the Pacific coast and the Caribbean side. Our visitors have access to an ample variety of beautiful wild areas to visit and explore. From jungle rainforest low-lands, to our northern peaks and cloud forests, to the expansive savanna, beaches and mangrove habitats on both coasts, to the numerous active volcanoes, we offer one of the most diverse and exciting landscapes in Central America. Nicaragua sumptuously deserves its designation as the “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes.

What’s the worst that can happen if you do get caught out in a shower? You may be lucky enough to experience one of the country’s spectacular thunderstorms, or you may get wet…