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Briefing about Casa Granada Properties : Nicaragua Real Estate Agency

Welcome to Casa Granada Properties, the best and most exclusive real estate agency in Nicaragua. We offer the most complete residential real estate listings and a broad array of properties for sale throughout our country. We focus on quality customer service and professionalism. Our team is comprised of Nicaraguans, Spanish and North Americans working hard to get you a fair price on your dream property. Let us help you find the best real estate at the best price.

Casa Granada Properties offers real estate for sale in the most prominent locations in our country including Granada, Carazo, San Juan del Sur, Managua, Masaya, Leon, and more. Our listings are continuously updated and include historic colonial homes, fixer uppers, finished homes, beach and lake property, rural lots, private islands, farms, and businesses for sale.

We are a full service agency on many levels with a commitment to real estate and our customers. We also own and manage the Ola Verde Hotel in Tola and have exclusivity in large development communities, such as Santa Fe, just outside Granada, Santa Lucia Colonial Homes in the Granada historical center and Las Acuarelas, in San Juan del Sur. We are well reputed in the country and have excellent relationships with architects, contractors, attorneys, translators, drivers and others to help with your transition. In addition to handling your property, we provide property management services, home loan assistance, lawyer services, Spanish to English translation and even car rentals and referrals for tours of Nicaragua.

For those specifically interested in beach, ocean and waterfront properties, we have our division called Pacific Nicaragua. It showcases properties on our Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, Lake Nicaragua, and islands. See our website at

We are also able to assist you with renting properties and property management services through our division, Casa Granada Rentals. We offer private transportation service to all our renters. To learn more information on our rentals visit us at,

We started here in Nicaragua, let us help you live here too.